Fairytale Fashionista Collection - Dawn's Wands & Crowns

by Jennifer Petrini

Of course the Fairytale Fashionista has the MOST FABULOUS accessories in our collection! And why wouldn't we boast the most enchanting crowns and wands imaginable!!! Now offered EXCLUSIVELY by the Fairytale Fashionista, DAWN'S WANDS & CHARMING CROWNS by Embellishmint Floral & Event Design Studio.  

These handmade, "upcycled" wands and crowns are crafted by celebrated designer, Dawn Stone, owner and principle of Embellishmint to inspire the stylings of your littlest princess.  Each piece is "embellished" with crystals, dried florals, ribbons, tulle and other fabulous accoutrements to give individual flair to your own FASHIONISTA.

Photo by Mark Berning

Photo by Mark Berning

As seen at KIDSFEST 2012, DAWN'S WANDS & CHARMING CROWNS were such a hit, that we have decided to offer them EXCLUSIVELY at Fairytale Fashionista Fete events and in our online SHOP!  Custom creations are available and offered in a range of colors and sizes. Keep in mind, these handmade accessories are ONE OF A KIND...just like each of our FAIRYTALE FASHIONISTAS!