Fairytale Fashionista HOSTS the Dress-Up Bar at Kidsfest San Diego

by Jennifer Petrini

We LOVE finding Fairytale Fashionistas one FABULOUS slipper at a time... 

And that is just what we did - at KidsFest San Diego 2014!!

Her Highness PR's Fairytale Fashionista was THRILLED to be the official sponsor of the Dress-Up Bar at KidsFest this year. After our debut at the last event, we couldn't wait to glam up our tent and roll out the runway to create a magical fashion palace fit for the most stylish princesses and superheroes!

After debuting Fairytale Fashionista at Kidsfest 2012, Founder Robin Laatz-Kozak took a bit of a hiatus last year and had the most darling set of twins - Carter & Quinn!! With the new babies and recent launch of her business First & Birch, "imaginative play the natural way," (see the Fairytale Fashionista Boutique Stand) Robin turned the operations and production over to The Chloe Nichols Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit to help further their mission of providing college scholarships for creativity and innovation while supporting various children's charities, including their 2014 partner, the Jenna Druck Center.  

When I first spoke with Dharma Nichols, Director of Kidsfest, she told me that her daughter Chloe would have LOVED Fairytale Fashionista, spending probably the entire day inside our enchanting world of make-believe and glamorous fashion. The namesake of the organization tragically passed away at the age of eight from taking a "black box prescription." Dharma's mission and that of the Chloe Nichols Foundation is to bring awareness of these "black box" drugs to the public and encourage parents to seek out this information to avoid such a tragic loss, like that of an imaginative and fiercely determined little "girly" girl, named Chloe. 

It is in her honor that we wish to share photos from Kidsfest San Diego, shot by Sarah Zimmer Photography from the event on Saturday, May 17th. We will post Sunday's photos very soon, shot by Diana Delzio Photography.

An extra-FAB thanks goes to the incredible fashion designer, Victoria Roberts of WishNow for creating "The Elsa" Dress for Fairytale Fashionista, inspired by the hit movie, "Frozen."

And to all the FF STYLISTAS who helped sprinkle a little magic on the festivities --- we couldn't have done it without you! Hugs, kisses and tons of love to Alexandra Smith, Isabella Petrini, Jeanna West, Bekah Van Bruggen, Chayna & Mike Bessette, Victoria Roberts & her fabulous mom & dad, Diana Delzio, LaVonne Crawford of Adorations Botanical Artistry, Vivian Konopasek, Laura & Jeff Shobar, Destiny Ferguson, Natalia Fulton, Ashley Lynch, Kylea Mariee, Sofia Romero, Lucy Delzio, Anthony Delzio, Jonathan LaPoma, and our youngest FF Stylistas - Brooklyn Kozak and Gabby Canepa!!! Thank you all so much!!! xoxo