Once upon a time, there was a little Fashionista, who believed in Fairytales.

She did not have an enchanted mirror to gaze at, pixie dust to sprinkle, or even a fairy Godmother to glam up her gown with the hint of a magical wand.

But yet this Fashionista was absolutely certain that she already had the power to make her own dreams come true. And that her Fairytale was really just one fabulous slipper away…

Photo by Mark Berning

Photo by Mark Berning

Find your Inner Princess by following these 10 Principles of the Fairytale Fashionista

10. FABULOUS is your favorite word.

9. Bring on the sparkles! You can never be too DRESSED up for a day in your life.

8. Don’t settle for less than Prince CHARMING.

{Think dashing, debonnaire, and the one who makes you feel extraordinary}

7. Smile often. It truly is your very BEST accessory.

6. Let your ideas be GROUNDBREAKING

5. Admire your Mother. She is your ICON.

4. Confidence is the heart of REAL beauty.

3. Embrace your UNIQUENESS. There is no one like you in this world…and why should there be!

2. Always LOVE

1. Magic really exists when you BELIEVE in yourself. YOU can make any DREAM come true

Written by Jennifer J. Petrini / Published by Her Highness PR  / Copyright (c) 2012